What this site is about

I am building this site (slowly) to be a resource for prospective university economics students to see some examples of the type of economics they will study at undergraduate level and get a feel for the relevant topics.

The material on here comes from my undergraduate notes, but it is just an introduction to each topic, it is not a replacement for a proper textbook. Also this isn’t a commercial site or anything so there is the possibility I’ve made the odd typo or error somewhere in there, apologies if this confuses anyone.

I am not setting a timescale on finishing it, just adding bits as and when I feel like it, so it will slowly develop over time. I will regard it as ‘complete’ when I have a reasonable level of intermediate micro and macro content.

Some posts have got ‘unfinished’ at the beginning to remind me that I either haven’t started them or they need more content added – again I will get through it over time.

But at the moment as it is a work in progress, I am not telling anybody about this website, if you accidentally stumble across it then hopefully some parts will be useful but you will have to bear with the fact it is very incomplete.